Just a small town guy who played games as a hobby now looking to now trying to make it in the gaming community. My name is Cody, but my friends all refer to me as Fowler or Thunder. I adopted the name thunder from my brother who was always called thunder and the name kinda just rolled over to me. I play games as a hobby amongst other things such as, hunting fishing, woodworking, etc. I love creating new things or bringing projects to life. I strive to do the best I can in everything I do and to strive for more the next time. I have a passion for many games including battle royales, FPS, single player story driven, and many more. Texas is the state that united the core of our friends which has grown to more states, and I hope it continues to grow. We as a group enjoy gaming and hopefully get to game with yall sometimes. If you ever see us in the game or on social media say hi we always like hearing from fans and fellow gamers alike.